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Bowhunting Whitetails With Decoys

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bowhunting whitetails
Deer decoys bring out the bucks.

Deer decoys for bowhunting require three essential qualities: motion, looks and portability.

Without motion a deer decoy is only a statue. Decoy looks don’t have to be life size to be effective. A “Too Large to Carry” decoy left at home is ineffective every time.

A motionless deer decoy in the woods will not get the attention of transitioning trophy whitetails at a distance. It takes a flash of white to catch the eye of a whitetail and it must flash regularly.

TailTRICK Deer Decoys have a Swishing Tail that creates...

lifelike motion. The tail motion looks just like a swishing deer tail. The swishing tail and flash of a white rump attract a whitetail’s attention from a distance. The tail swishes once every 15 seconds, luring whitetails closer to the decoy and to your bowhunting position.

Motionless deer decoys can create tension for approaching trophy whitetails awaiting positive deer body language (motion) that signals; “It’s ok” to come closer. Without motion many deer will hang up and not come as close to your bowhunting setup as needed for a shot.

TailTRICK Deer Decoys display positive body language.

Relaxed ears, relaxed head position, non-threatening “rear-end-view” body position and relaxed tail motion create positive body language that lets trophy whitetails know “it’s alright” to come to your bowhunting decoy.

Plastic deer photos often create a bright glare, blow unnaturally in the wind and have no lifelike tail motion to attract a whitetail’s attention. Natural looks are not the result of a photograph or life size dimensions.

TailTRICK Deer Decoys look natural.

Exclusive compact 3D-2D Sculpted Design™ images the natural outline, shape, colors, highlights and shadows of real whitetails. TailTRICK’s tail motion brings this bowhunting decoy to life and deer come to it.

Twenty pound (20 lb) full size deer decoys are heavy, bulky, difficult to carry and just not portable.

bowhunting whitetails
When the buck stops – take the shot!

Add the weight of a 20 pound decoy to the weight of your boots, weapon, tree stand, daypack and excess body weight and you’ll know why you don’t own a 20 lb. decoy or go bowhunting with one.

  • TailTRICK Deer Decoys are portable.
  • Solid One Piece Body
  • Compact Size: 3” thick, 39.5” tall, 11”wide.
  • Lightweight: 3.5 lbs

See what a TailTRICK Deer Decoy could do for your bowhunting in our Video Gallery.


Tail Trick Deer Decoys™
Because Motion Matters™

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